Spanish gambling industry joins forces to fight sports betting fraud

1 July 2024
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Global Gambling Market Research Service aims to prevent and combat fraud in the sports betting market and the manipulation of such competitions. The effectiveness of the service requires the adherence of those actors most interested in the eradication of practices that erode the integrity of sport and are an attack on the values of fair play and equity that this activity represents. To date, the Higher Sports Council, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the Professional Football League, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, the Association of Spanish Footballers, in addition to the National Police, the Civil Guard and the Ertzaintza have joined the Service.
That is why, in compliance with the provisions of the ninth additional provision of Law 13/2011 of 27 May on the regulation of the game, the Directorate-General for Game Management has adopted Resolution of 28 June 2024 approving the accession of the gambling operators holding unique licenses of horse betting in any of its modalities to the global research service of the betting market.
Pursuant to this Resolution, operators shall submit information relating to irregular or suspicious sports betting from the very moment they are aware of a practice that is likely to be fraudulent in nature, as well as to comply with the requirements of how much information is deemed necessary in relation to alerts placed in the Service.
With this resolution, the General Directorate of Gambling Management takes one more step in its commitment to the fight against corruption linked to the manipulation of sports competitions and the often consequent fraud in betting on such events.