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Emily DiFilippo has contributed five articles published on the iGaming News site.
Certification by SafeBet (17 August 2000)
SafeBet, an independent Internet casino testing laboratory, boasts thorough checks to make sure online casinos are fair and safe for punters. The organization was founded in 1998 by a group of software developers who, according to General Manager Sherry Nisen, had a simple question: "Is online gambling fair?"
Coral Eurobet Introduces MATCH Technology (16 August 2000)
On August 13, Coral Eurobet launched its self-proclaimed world's first interactive, real-time, person-to-person football betting site at www.play2match.com.
Zaplets Illustrate New Email Possibilities (27 July 2000)
In August of 1999, a new software company called FireDrop was created in Redwood Shores, CA upon a new technological wonder known as the Zaplet. A high-tech incubator called "Relativity" developed the concept. Brian Axe, 31, was the member of this group who finally made the necessary moves to capitalize on the idea. Axe became partners with David Roberts, 36, who originally worked for the CIA, at a houseboat party. The two secretly began to set up their own company and patented the Zaplet.
Birth of a Lobby? (18 July 2000)
Members of the casino industry (both online and offline) have united to form a new group with a mission, according to Chief Executive Vicki Flannery, of providing better services to a "gambling nation."
NATI Takes on Compulsive Gambling (13 July 2000)
"Dedicated to the education, awareness, research and treatment of compulsive gambling issues," the North American Training Institute offers several programs designed to help compulsive gamblers and is developing curriculum that specifically assesses the online gambling industry.