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The Anjouan iGaming license is becoming a viable alternative (15 April 2024)
Why are so many operators, existing and new, flocking there to get their hands on a license? Fast Offshore has some of the answers.
Can Anjouan fill the gap Curacao is leaving behind? (1 April 2024)
Amid massive change, Anjouan has come from relative obscurity to the forefront of people’s minds regarding iGaming licensing jurisdictions.
Curacao Guidelines: The transformation of the Curacao iGaming scene (2 March 2024)
Fast Offshore's Ron Mendelson dives into the jurisdiction that completely retired the master license and sub-licensing system, with all operators now operating under the new licensing system.
The myths behind the Anjouan iGaming license (2 February 2024)
In this article, Fast Offshore's Ron Mendelson will delve into the myths surrounding the Anjouan iGaming license and separate fact from fiction to provide a clearer understanding of its reality.
The Unveiling of iGaming: A year in review (2023) and the road ahead (2024) (2 January 2024)
As Fast OffShore's Ron Mendelson delves into the key moments of the past year, he also explores the trends, news, and developments that are set to define the iGaming landscape in 2024.
The Malta license: Gateway to global expansion in iGaming (23 October 2023)
In the fast-growing world of iGaming, obtaining the right license is a crucial step for operators seeking to tap into the European market while setting the stage for global expansion.
Anjouan vs. Kahnawake online gambling licenses (11 September 2023)
Fast Offshore's Ron Mendelson explains that both the Anjouan and Kahnawake licenses have their merits, but which one is the better choice for your specific needs?
Anjouan iGaming License: A Strategic Move for Operators (21 August 2023)
In this article, Fast Offshore's Ron Mendelson explores why obtaining an Anjouan gaming license is a strategic move that can provide operators with various benefits and opportunities.
iGaming licenses available in Anjouan, Kahnawake, and Costa Rica (18 July 2023)
Fast Offshore’s Ron Mendelson takes a look at the pros and cons of licenses from these locations.
Anjouan is 2023’s hottest online gambling license (19 June 2023)
The volcanic island offers operators an affordable, streamlined, flexible, accessible and accountable process to conduct business.
How to obtain an Ontario online gambling license (15 May 2023)
Tips on incorporating an iGaming company in 2023 (17 April 2023)
How to obtain an Isle of Man gambling license (27 March 2023)
An overview of the Asian online gambling market and opportunities (19 January 2023)
Online gambling and responsible gambling, a delicate balancing act (27 December 2022)
Expert tips on getting an online gambling license (6 December 2022)
Tips on how to get an iGaming license and then keep it (15 November 2022)
Overview of India’s fledgeling iGaming sector (25 October 2022)
Considerations before picking a gambling jurisdiction (15 February 2022)
Four reasons to launch an online casino in 2022 (8 December 2021)
How gambling operators can protect themselves against fraud, cheats and financial crime (11 October 2021)
Myth-busting the online gambling sector (14 September 2021)
Online casino vs esports betting: How the two sectors are growing (16 August 2021)
Rules around online gambling advertising and why they're getting tighter (13 July 2021)
Post-pandemic, operators take responsible gambling more seriously (23 June 2021)
Current and future trends in the online casino industry (17 May 2021)
Using technology to fight financial crime (26 April 2021)
What makes Malta so attractive for online gambling companies? (10 March 2021)
The impact of GDPR for online gambling sites (22 February 2021)
Kahnawake online gambling license is one of industry’s most wanted (18 January 2021)
Why your online gambling platform needs crypto payments (21 December 2020)
A guide to crypto-friendly gaming jurisdictions (16 November 2020)
eSports Betting: Why every operator should incorporate it into their portfolio (19 October 2020)
How to start your online casino: The ultimate guide (5 October 2020)
Payment services, blockchain and mitigating risk (11 December 2019)
iGaming in a post-Brexit environment (2 May 2019)
The many benefits of securing a Malta gaming license (16 April 2019)

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