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Internet Gambling and U.S. Criminal Law
7 February 1998
The expansion of casino and sports gambling on the Internet has been the subject of much discussion. By now, most people are aware that there are potential criminal law issues surrounding Internet gambling. However, very few people have an understanding of the exact nature of those issues and the potential penalties associated with them.»
A Best Guess
21 January 1998
Unfortunately, there just aren't good hard numbers that quantify the internet gambling business today. Because of that, The River City Group and Christiansen Cummings are undertaking a study to attempt to get some good baseline information for 1997.»
Internet Gambling Ban Faces Losing Odds
21 January 1998
The Communications Decency Act treated Internet users like second-class citizens. Because the legislation criminalized online expressions that would have remained legal if in print, the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutionally discriminated against Internet speech.»
Offshore Bookmakers Call Western Union's Decision 'A Serious Blow'
8 January 1998
Western Union's recent decision to cut off money transfers to offshore bookmakers - under an agreement with Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth - could prove to be a serious blow to the Internet gaming industries, affecting millions of dollars in annual transactions.»
Montana Wary of Net Gambling
4 January 1998
Both Montana's gambling industry and its regulators are getting worried about the growth of gambling on the Internet. »
Vanderbilt MBA Students Hit the Cyberbooks
28 December 1997
Internet gambling is clearly an increasingly popular topics for college students.»
Western Union Cuts Off Caribbean Sportsbooks
24 December 1997
Those AGs are at it again. Florida Attorney General, Bob Butterworth, successfully "convinced" Western Union operators in his state to cut off money transfers to 40 offshore sportsbooks in Curacao, Grenada, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.»
Round 3 to Nixon in a TKO?
3 December 1997
Interactive Gaming and Communications Corp.(IGCC) has announced that it filed a proxy statement along with its 10q and 10k with the SEC in connection with the sale of two of its gaming subsidiaries, Sports International Ltd. and Global Casinos Ltd. for $5 million in cash and notes.»
Pennsylvania Superior Court Denies Extradition to Missouri Court
26 November 1997
A Pennsylvania Superior Court has stayed the extradition of Interactive Gaming and Communications Corp. president and CEO Michael F. Simone, denying a request by a Missouri court.»
Dear Senator Kyl...
10 November 1997
Various letters have been sent to Senator Kyl in reference to his Internet Gambling Prohibition bill. Here is one which reflects the view from a state.»
Gambling on the Internet
8 October 1997
In many ways, our legal system is ill-equipped to deal with the problems raised by the Internet. Gambling on the Net highlights many of these issues. »
1997 Summary of Activity of the NYS Senate Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering
23 September 1997
The Senate Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering sponsored two legislative hearings to examine the role of the internet in the dissemination of gambling information in New York State. »
Another Day, Another Legal Action
18 September 1997
Attorney General James Doyle joined the fray in the internet gambling battle by announcing that his office has filed three lawsuits against a number of individuals, groups and corporations trying to operate gambling sites on the Internet.»
Minnesota Appeals Court Affirms Jurisdiction of the State
11 September 1997
In a recent action, the Minnesota Court of Appeals states that the Attorney General has the right to regulate internet activity. »
They're Baaaack!
6 September 1997
The U.S. Congress is back in session after their summer recess and, at least some of them have decided to further the cause of saving us from the scourge of internet gambling through prohibition.»
What's Going On In Nevada??
5 August 1997
The media seems absolutely certain that a bill passed in Nevada and signed into law on July 31 is a prohibition on internet gambling. But, legal experts and others involved in the gaming industry there say it’s really not the case.»
Senate Judiciary Hearings on Kyl Bill - A Stacked Deck
28 July 1997
Well, it was clear from the July 28 Senate subcommittee hearing on the Kyl bill (prohibition of internet gambling) that any actual dialogue or discussion in our nation's captial on this issue will not be tolerated.»
Draft Regulatory Control Model for new Forms of Interactive Home Gambling
15 July 1997
Interactive Home Gambling is the term used to describe new forms of gambling made possible by advances in telecommunications and computer technologies. The range of potential new products is limitless. Examples could include…»
California HorseRacing Bill - More Background
13 July 1997
Looks like there's a little activity in California on the internet gambling bill for horse tracks.»
Interactive Gambling In Australia
28 June 1997
As reported here in IGN, the State Governments of Australia have taken a fairly forward thinking view on the issue of "Interactive Home Gambling".»
NAAGs Meet in Jackson Hole
28 June 1997
The National Assn. of Attorneys General (NAAG) just met in Jackson Hole for their summer meeting and internet gambling was still high on their list of topics. A Reuters story offered sever interesting quotes from Wisconsin’s AG James Doyle. Here’s a sampling:»
New York Senate Moves to Recognize Internet Gambling
27 June 1997
The New York State Senate has passed a bill that seeks to regulate out-of-state and foreign companies that offer gambling in New York via the Internet. SB 4174 requires that foreign corporations doing business in New York by serving internet gamblers who are NY residents must register with the state. Another bill which has not yet been voted on may require the posting of prize payment bond to assure that winnings of New York residents will be paid.»
Statement of Minnesota AG On Internet Jurisdiction
13 June 1997
This Memorandum Sets Forth the Enforcement Position of the Minnesota Attorney General's Office with Respect to Certain Illegal Activities on the Internet. »
Cyberspace Gaming Law
11 June 1997
In the United States, we have 50 states and several territorial "protectorates" such as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Each state is divided into Counties and within each County may be located several cities. There are perhaps 30,000 individual political jurisdictions, each with an ability to outlaw and prohibit gaming in any form and Internet gambling in particular. Worldwide, one can only guess at how many hundred thousand potentates exist.»
Internet Gambling to be Legalized
11 June 1997
Leading Australian newspaper columnist Alex Mitchell of the Sydney Sun Herald claims to have inside information that Internet gambling will be legalized Australia wide by Christmas 1997.»