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Canadian MP Backs Online Sports Wagering
18 November 1998
Dennis Mills caught the attention of the internet gaming industry in '97 when he introduced legislation which would authorize the operation of internet gaming in Canada. That momentum faded when a national election was called and the bill died in committee. Now, he's back in the news floating the idea of legal online sports wagering in Canada. »
FiveStar Casino Targets International Market
16 November 1998
The inevitable trend continues... FiveStar Casino, an online casino which opened October 22, has chosen to focus on an international market, outside the main online gambling market in the US.»
Credit Card Lawsuit Interview
13 November 1998
In a recent discussion with Alex Wellen of ZDTV (the cable channel for tech publishing empire Ziff Davis), he told IGN of an interview he did with Ira Rothken, the attorney representing the woman who countersued Visa and MasterCard for the debts she racked up playing at cybercasinos.»
More Enlightenment from Australia
13 November 1998
Interactive Gaming News continues to come across some interesting ideas being generated out of Oz. Attached is a speech by two of the leading gaming regulators who have been spearheading the interactive gaming progress we see in Australia. We run it the full text about the regulatory challenges which internet gambling presents to government oversight and how they can best be dealt with.»
Dominica Licensing Data
13 November 1998
In IGN's ongoing effort to collect licensing information on the various jurisdictions hospitable to internet gaming licensing around the world, we offer the following documents from the Caribbean nation of Dominica.

Under the leadership of the Honorable Julius Timothy, Dominica is a rising star when it comes to aggressive recruitment of internet gaming operations. This country is beginning to rival Antigua in it's hospitality of these types of businesses.
Another Theory on the Evolution of Online Gaming
12 November 1998
There are a variety of concepts beginning to emerge about how online gaming will evolve in the future. A trio of writers has developed a theory that government-run internet gaming is the wave of the future. The paper focuses cryptographic and security issues as well as a number of other issues such as privacy concerns, compulsive and underage gambling among others.

The authors include: Alex Igelman, a gaming attorney and internet gaming consultant who was previously an attorney for land based casinos in Las Vegas. BRUCE SCHNEIER is president of Counterpane, a Minneapolis-based consulting firm specializing in cryptography and computer security. He also designed the Blowfish algorithm, still unbroken after years of cryptanalysis. JOHN KELSEY pioneered research on secure random number generators, differential related-key cryptanalysis on block ciphers, and the chosen-protocol attack against cryptographic protocols.
Real World Casino Goes Cyber
11 November 1998
In a solid endorsement of the future for online gambling, the Queensland Australia-based real world casino operator, Jupiters Limited, announced it had acquired the sports betting business, Centrebet, based in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.»
Problems and Opportunities for Interactive Pari-Mutuel Wagering
11 November 1998
Some ten years ago, about three-quarters of all pari-mutuel wagers on horse racing were made at the racetrack where the race was actually taking place. But according to 1996 figures, less than 30% of the betting takes place this way. The remaining wagers are bet through some form of off-course wagering. The future of this industry is dependent on its ability to apply state-of-the-art technologies to its racing and wagering products.»
Industry Desktop Seminars Launch
10 November 1998
Interactive Gaming News is launching the first in its series of desktop conferences on issues of interest to the industry. These are seminars which are accessible globally via the internet. You can hear the experts, receive helpful hand-out materials and ask questions via chat. These seminars feature industry experts on a wide variety of topics that reflect the interests indicated in a recent survey.»
A Look from Europe
10 November 1998
GREF (Gaming Regulators European Forum) adopted a position statement on gambling on the internet at the annual meeting in Helsinki, Finland. This position statement is the base for a common European policy on Internet gambling. Reading the position statement, you will see that this document follows the Finnish approach towards Internet gambling.»
Cyberbetz Completes Translation into Chinese
9 November 1998
GIC Global (OTC BB:GGNC), a company that markets an online sports book and casino has completed the translation of its Internet sportsbook and casino site, "Cyberbets," into Chinese.»
Slow Down... You Move Too Fast
9 November 1998
Well, that certainly can't be said for the US law enforcement officials who have targeted online gaming entrepreneurs. It took eight months after the highly touted bust of internet gaming sportsbook operators in March of '98 to finally get a second indictment.»
US Impact Study Group Meets in Las Vegas
6 November 1998
The National Gambling Impact Study Commission is continuing its ongoing educational efforts with an ambitious agenda in Las Vegas.»
Easy Card to Serve Bettors in California
6 November 1998
Plans are underway for the debut of a combination credit card and ATM card that will, among a multitude of functions, allow sports and race bettors to open and replenish wagering accounts.»
Intellectual Property Issues
5 November 1998
Intellectual property legal issues can be treacherous for lawyers. In our increasingly digitized world, intellectual property is becoming even more important than it once was.»
Cryptologic Announces Third Quarter Results
5 November 1998
CryptoLogic Inc., a developer on online wagering software, announced its third quarter results on October 27.»
Gambling's Critics Have a Tough Election Day in Their Bids for Higher Office
4 November 1998
Those interested in the future of legalized gambling have understandably concentrated their attention on a number of visible gambling measures, including Proposition 5 in California (expanded gaming on Indian reservations), "Boat in the Moat" approval in Missouri (permitting many Missouri riverboats to continue to function without further legal challenge), and pari-mutuel racing legislation in New Jersey (allowing the New Jersey legislature to act on racing measures without need for a state-wide referendum.) All of these measures passed. »
Spam - The Bane of the Internet
3 November 1998
Spam has to be the most annoying thing about e-mail. I hate it, you hate it, everybody hates it and yet it keeps coming. It's not as if anybody fires up their e-mail program to see what the latest get-rich-quick scam, I mean scheme, is. Still, spam fills our mailboxes.»
WebTV Drops Java Plans
3 November 1998
If you're among the increasing number of internet gaming developers who hope to target the growing WebTV market, there may be some bad news. C|Net has reported that Microsoft's WebTV unit has backed away from its plans to include Java programming in its product line, in a development that some say will eventually hurt WebTV's acceptance.»
Intersphere Communications: Online Wagering Software on the Rise
2 November 1998
Intersphere Communications Ltd., a Philadelphia interactive agency and subsidiary of publicly traded Interactive Gaming & Communications Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: SBET), has issued a software license to 1X2 Betting, Ltd. for its LiveAction Gaming Platform(TM) and LineMaster Sports Wagering System(TM).»
Betting Inc. Distributes Pay Master Units in California
28 October 1998
Betting Inc. (OTC BB:BETT) is boldly attempting to bring the future of e-commerce to online gamblers by distributing free Pay Master units in public waiting rooms in Redondo Beach, California.»
Alliance Gaming to Introduce New Online Gaming Technology
28 October 1998
Bally Gaming and Systems, a subsidiary of Alliance Gaming Corp. (Nasdaq:ALLY), will introduce a new network architecture and online game delivery system at the Gaming Online Conference in New Orleans on Oct. 29.»
Boss Media Introduces 'Five Star Casino'
27 October 1998
Boss Media's latest turnkey solution for online casino gaming, Five Star Casino, opened for real bets on October 22.»
WinStreak Closes Sports Contest Site
27 October 1998
WinStreak Ltd., the gaming division of IGN Internet Global Network,announced October 21 that it has temporarily closed SHARC, its Internet sports contest site.»
Bank Policies Toward Virtual Casino Merchants May Change in the Caribbean and Latin America
26 October 1998
A senior executive in the banking services industry says that the Directors of VISA's Caribbean/Latin American region have announced new policies that will be issued in mid-November.»